Companies that reorganize their activities to provide essential products related to the pandemic do not need to obtain a ministerial authorization if one of the following two situations applies to them:

  • Increased production of a product they were already manufacturing;
  • Temporary modification of normal operations in order to provide a new product. This includes equipment that could be modified or facilities that could be reorganized quickly to meet medical needs: for example, the manufacture of personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, lab coats, disinfectants, wipes, respirators, and other medical equipment and supplies. 

This exemption is not a way of avoiding the restriction and confinement measures in force or of obtaining a priority designation for your business. To do that, consult the Minimization of non-priority services and activities page.

To take advantage of the exemption, send the following details to

  • Name of company;
  • Headquarters address;
  • Name of person in charge of the modification or addition (last name, first name, phone number and email address);
  • Production site address;
  • Type of modification or addition;
  • Justification of the modification or addition as it relates to COVID-19;
  • Duration of the modification or addition;
  • Description of the goods produced or service;
  • Anticipated production quantity;
  • Activity sector targeted by the modification.

Allow 48 hours for receiving the exemption confirmation, which will be effective upon receipt.

This exceptional measure is temporary and valid solely for the duration of the health emergency. Once the emergency is lifted, temporary activities must cease as soon as possible.

An environmental authorization This hyperlink will open in a new window. is usually necessary when contaminants are released into the environment (gas, liquids, etc.) and for the conservation of water environments and wetlands.

The other provisions of the Environment Quality Act continue to apply, including those pertaining to the environmental impact assessment and review procedure, if applicable, as well as the requirements and standards governing releases into the environment. Additionally, anyone responsible for the accidental release of a contaminant into the environment must immediately halt the release and notify the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change.

Any other questions should be sent to: