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Diplomas and official documents

Statement of marks

At the end of each term, students receive a College Studies Transcript (statement of marks) from their college containing information relating to the evaluation of learning.

In addition to providing a cumulative record of course marks, it indicates the number of credits earned, the objectives and standards attained and various other information items concerning the student’s educational path.

To obtain a College Studies Transcript, contact the registrar’s office at the last college you attended.

File review for the purposes of obtaining a DCS

Students can obtain assistance in identifying the elements (courses, examinations, etc.) they need to earn a DCS and, if applicable, to establish an educational plan. This includes recognition of prior learning (work, other studies, etc.).

To request a file review, contact the registrar’s office at the last college you attended.

Diploma of College Studies (DCS)

Generally, from three to four months after the end of their last semester of studies, students who have met the conditions associated with their technical or pre-university programs, and those prescribed by the Regulation, will be awarded a DCS by the Ministère.

The following documents also constitute official proof that a DCS has been awarded:

For inquiries related to the issuing of a DCS, contact the registrar's office at your college.

Last update: December 7, 2023


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