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Education Costs and Financial Assistance

Tuition Fee

Students enrolled full-time receive free tuition. For part-time students, some tuition fees may apply. Canadians who are not Québec residents and foreign students must pay tuition fees, also called “lump-sums.”

Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada may be exempt from paying tuition fees. They must provide proof of their Québec resident status by completing the Attestation of Québec Resident Status form (PDF 70 Kb).

Associated Fees

Students may be required to pay various fees, such as:

  • application fees: maximum of $30 per application
  • registration fees: maximum of $20 per term
  • other related fees (e.g., producing the student card): maximum of $25 per term
  • miscellaneous fees (for services related to college life): no maximum
  • student association membership fee

There may also be costs for additional services, such as access to the library. Other optional costs, such as contributions to a foundation, a parents’ association or a charitable organization, may be charged to students.

Tuition fees and other related fees may be charged for studies in a private college.  The amounts vary from one institution to another and are governed by the rules in the Régime budgétaire et financier des établissements privés d’ordre collégial This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French only) and the Regulation respecting private educational institutions at the college level This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Financial Assistance

Québec students with insufficient financial resources can benefit from loans and bursaries for full‑time studies and loans for part-time studies.

Last update: June 10, 2024


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