Guidelines for staff and students

Instructions to follow for individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases

  • In case of a fever, remain at home until it goes away.
  • In case of coughing, sore throat or nasal congestion, wear a mask until the symptoms disappear.
  • For the 10 days following the appearance of symptoms, avoid contact with vulnerable individuals and non-essential social events. As much as possible, it is also recommended to keep a distance from others and to choose remote activities, such as working from home.

Please follow the Steps for limiting the spread of respiratory infectious diseases.

Instructions to follow for individuals with COVID-19

Individuals with COVID-19 should follow the instructions that apply to their situation in order to avoid transmitting the virus to others.

Other specific guidelines

Practicums in the health and social services network

Students engaged in practicums in the health and social services network that involve direct contact with patients, or with other workers who come into direct contact with patients, are no longer required to be vaccinated or to provide proof of vaccination to their educational institution.

Absences related to the pandemic for staff at public colleges 

With regard to any absence, please communicate with your employer by contacting the Human Resources department at your CEGEP.

Staff at private colleges and universities are encouraged to contact their Human Resources department.