These courses are available to you if you live in your home country and have:

  • Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

  • Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

Online courses allow you to improve your French at your own pace.

With online courses, you learn French using a computer.

This type of course is a good way to improve your French before immigrating to Québec.

Online French courses also allow you to discover Québec, its culture and its values.

Course options

There are 2 online course options:

  • Course with tutoring: A resource person will help you learn French. This person leads the online lessons and answers your questions. The resource person also corrects your homework and assesses your participation in the course.
  • Self-study course: You complete the exercises and online activities independently (alone). Your knowledge is automatically assessed at certain stages of the course. You can also chat online with other students in the course. 

    Self-study modules specialized by field of employment are offered in the following fields:
    • Administration, law and business
    • Engineering and applied sciences
    • Health and nursing
    • Tourism and commerce.

French level

Online courses with tutoring: Intermediate and advanced level courses.

Online self-study courses: Intermediate level courses and modules specialized by field of employment.

You may need to take a placement test to determine which course best suits your knowledge of French.


By taking an online course, you decide your schedule. Your course will take approximately 6 hours of your time per week.

Regardless of the course format you choose, if you must be absent for more than 10 consecutive days, your access will be deactivated. At any time, you may request reactivation of your registration by writing to Customer Service This hyperlink will open in a new window..

Free of charge

Online French courses are free.

However, no financial assistance is offered for participation in these courses.