After Registering

The educational institution will confirm your registration.

If your registration application has been refused, you can request a reconsideration of the decision This hyperlink will open in a new window. (in French only).

Course Participation

Attendance in the courses is madatory.

To successfully learn French, you must:

  • actively participate in your courses
  • respect the rules of the educational institution;
  • contribute to a good class atmosphere.

However, you could lose your access to courses or financial assistance if:

  • you have unjustified absences during the session;
  • if your behaviour interferes with your learning or is contrary to the key values of Québec;
  • if your training is given at a distance and you are not in Québec.


Your learning in French will be evaluated.

Your results can be used as proof of your French skills This hyperlink will open in a new window. when applying for Canadian citizenship.

If you believe that your evaluation results do not reflect your French skills, you can request a grade review. Check with your educational institution to find out the procedures and deadlines to be respected.