Preschool Education Cycle Program

The Preschool Education Cycle Program defines the expected learning. Various documents and tools intended to support teaching and learning are also provided to school staff.

Report Card Wording

Increases physical and motor development  

Builds self-awareness

Maintains harmonious relationships with others

Communicates using oral and written language

Discovers the world around them

Preschool tools

Three orientations are being used to pursue the two objectives of the mandate for the Preschool Cycle Program, which are global development, and universal and targeted prevention. These three orientations are: play, observation of the children’s progress and classroom organization. Each of these orientations is a cornerstone in teaching the program on a day-to-day basis, and each one specifies the elements essential to providing quality preschool education tailored to the characteristics and needs of 4- to 6-year-olds.

The tools proposed here are designed to help you become familiar with the Preschool Cycle Program. They are an invitation to reflect on the place of the essential elements in the teacher’s practice in order to give meaning to the mandate.

Play (PDF 2.14 Mb)

Observation of the children's progress (PDF 3.86 Mb)

Classroom organization (PDF 6.18 Mb)

Information Documents


Last update: May 22, 2024


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