Actions in young people’s living environments

Actions in living environments (school-family-community) help ensure that young people live in healthy, caring and safe environments that support:

  • a sense of physical and emotional safety
  • a sense of belonging
  • a sense of competence
  • autonomy, social commitment and a sense of responsibility
  • lifestyle habits conducive to health, well-being and educational success

The implementation of integrated promotion and prevention actions in schools and in other environments where young people live:

  • helps make young people feel good and safe
  • contributes to cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development
  • prepares them to learn in environments that provide them with favourable conditions
  • is consistent (young people do not receive conflicting messages)
  • prevents repetition, making optimal use of resources

These actions also support and enhance structured educational interventions aimed at developing young people’s competencies. Young people must be able to obtain or acquire what they need from their living environments to apply these competencies. For example, an understanding of how to manage emotions and stress might be paired with facilities or activities that promote relaxation (reading room, meditation workshops, etc.).

These actions are intended for schools as well as for collaboration between schools, families and communities. Many of these actions are related to school orientations and frameworks.

Community partners include, in particular:

  • centres intégrés de santé et services sociaux (CISSS) and Centres intégrés universitaires de santé et services sociaux (CIUSSS)
  • municipalities
  • community organizations
  • educational childcare services
  • businesses
  • institutions

Actions in schools

Collaborative actions between schools and families

Collaborative actions between schools and communities

Last update: April 25, 2023


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