Ensure a warm welcome and open communication.

  • Organize welcome activities to facilitate the transition to elementary or secondary school (e.g. invite parents to visit their child’s new school to familiarize themselves with the environment and the teaching staff or take advantage of an open house to register).
  • Adopt measures to enable new students to become familiar with and understand how their class and school functions (e.g. distribute and explain schedules, send out the code of conduct before the beginning of the school year).
  • Give students the opportunity to express themselves on what they experienced during their transition.

This action is aligned with the following frameworks:

Organize school environments to promote stability and continuity.

  • Foster collaboration between the school and the school daycare service (e.g. gradual entry into preschool).
  • Keep the same class group for several subjects (beginning of secondary school).
  • Assign a group of students to a single teacher.
  • Assign several subjects to one teacher.

Ensure that students always remain in the same classroom while teachers move from one room to another.

Last update: April 2, 2024


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