Fostering harmonious relationships between school and family

Make schools family friendly.

  • Install appropriate and sufficient signage.
  • Provide an attractive seating area with information for parents, pictures of school life, student work, etc.
  • Promote positive contact between the school and the family, by phone, by email and in person.
  • Balance student safety and family access to the school.
  • Adopt measures to encourage student participation in organizing family activities.

Communicate effectively with families.

  • Communicate regularly with families through a variety of means such as:
    • formal and informal meetings
    • local newspapers
    • email
    • notes in the agenda
    • newsletters
    • bulletin board
    • wall calendar
  • Adapt communications to family circumstances (e.g. language, level of literacy).
  • Focus on positive messages; for example, avoid communicating with parents only when problems arise.
  • Give families the opportunity to share their concerns, circumstances and perceptions of the school.
  • Give families the opportunity to express their needs for guidance, support, training and information.
  • Provide families with information about school policies and regulations, such as the code of conduct and food policy.

Last update: March 20, 2024


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