Supporting the involvement of families in young people’s learning

Foster family participation in the development, monitoring of learning and educational success of young people.

  • Provide families with information on:
  • Organize meetings between members of the school team and families, taking into account their household circumstances: schedules, custody agreements, single-parent families.
  • Inform families about homework arrangements and ways to help young people with their homework. This can be done by using:
    • work plans
    • evaluation calendars
    • information meetings
    • pedagogical methods
    • distraction-free environments
    • mentoring or homework assistance
  • Provide families with training on various topics.

This action is aligned with the following framework:

Encourage families to adopt practices that value the schools’ actions, taking into account the families’ circumstances and equipping them properly:

  • to prepare children to start elementary school and secondary school (transitions)
  • to implement routines that promote learning, health and well-being
  • to acquire the school supplies required
  • to adopt prosocial and safe behaviours, such as wearing a bicycle helmet
  • to pursue school-based learning that promotes health and well-being (e.g. suggestions for activities, newsletters)

Last update: March 20, 2024


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