In order to support students and institutions of higher learning in the current context of the pandemic, the government has invested an additional $375 million. 

$ 300-million increase in student financial assistance

Student financial assistance (AFE) is increased by $300 million to: 

  • provide students eligible for the Loans and Bursaries program with an additional $96 per month in the case of those who live with their parents and $205 in the case of those who do not live with their parents in order to cover expenses related to the COVID-19 situation  
  • increase the number of students who are eligible for the program  
  • improve assistance for purchasing materials to support learning (especially digital tools) and provide monthly assistance that can be used to pay for Internet access 

Improving access to student financial assistance will: 

  • ensure that Québec students face fewer financial barriers to their education in 2020-2021, due to calculations adapted to their individual situations  
  • enable individuals who wish to return to post-secondary education in order to change careers or re-enter the workforce to do so 
  • foster Québec’s economic recovery 

$75 million in improvements to student support and guidance

From the start of the upcoming academic year, 75 million dollars will be invested in direct support for university and college students. These improvements will include implementing measures to improve pedagogical support as well as material and psychosocial support offered to the student community.