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You may be reimbursed for adaptive equipment and various devices used at home. They must be used to compensate for your disability and allow you to pursue your studies. They must also be recommended by the person responsible for integrating persons with disabilities at your educational institution. Adaptive equipment includes:

  • Specialized software that helps to compensate for severe visual impairment and that allows access to e-books.
  • Consumables such as office supplies used for note-taking and transcription services.
  • Computer access devices, which are alternatives to a standard keyboard, mouse and computer screen.
  • Braille course materials, i.e. the expenses for reproduction of school materials into Braille (please note that some reference materials such as grammar books and dictionaries are subject to an agreement between the authorized service providers and the government).

Eligible devices

Desktop or laptop computer

A once-in-a-lifetime amount is awarded for the purchase of a computer. It is limited to $2000, including taxes. It covers the expenses for the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, operating system (e.g. Windows or macOS) and an office suite (e.g. Microsoft Office). This amount is intended only for persons with a major functional disability or other recognized disability.

Some peripherals that are related to the computer and are intended to compensate for the disability may be reimbursed. They must be purchased at the same time as the computer. They are covered by another amount apart from the purchase of a computer.

Assistive communication device

An assistive communication device helps persons living with verbal or written communication disorders to express themselves using symbols or pictograms. This device is reimbursed only once in a lifetime.

You may need a device that is not described on this page. In this case, the person responsible for integrating persons with disabilities at your educational institution must send us a letter explaining why you need this device.

Device repair or replacement

You can have the device purchased under the Program repaired. In order to be reimbursed for a portion of the expenses, you must complete an Application for the Authorization of Equipment Repair or Replacement form. If the device cannot be repaired or if the estimated repair cost exceeds 60% of the initial purchase cost, you must provide a price quote for the replacement of the device.

Last update: May 18, 2023


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