Type of Disabilities

You must select one of the following two categories of recognized functional disabilities. Recognized functional disabilities are permanent and significantly and persistently limit a student’s ability to perform his or her academic activities:

  • Major functional disabilities:
    • severe visual impairment
    • severe hearing impairment
    • motor impairment
    • organic impairment
  • Other disabilities:
    • minimum hearing threshold of 25 decibels
    • paralysis of a single limb
    • paresis of one or more limbs
    • language or speech impairment

The person responsible for integrating disabled students at your educational institution will specify the documents and forms that you must obtain or subsequently have filled out by the qualified persons.

If your disability has not yet been recognized by Aide financière aux études, you must, among other things, have a physician fill out the Medical Certificate – Major Functional Disabilities and Other Functional Disabilities form.