Lodging is of the following two types and varies by host institution:

  • on-campus student dorms or apartments
  • immersion language host family

Check the lodging choices This hyperlink will open in a new window. here to learn what the various schools can offer in each session.

Your host institution will determine where you will be staying. You must live at the planned location for the entire session, including on weekends.

Room terms and conditions are the same for all of the different lodging types.

Student dormitory or apartment

You will have a room with one or two single beds. Bathrooms are shared. 

All institutional lodging is to some degree co-educational, but this does not apply to shared rooms, which are same-sex.

If both members of a couple are randomly awarded places at the same school, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will share the same room.

Host families

Host family selection

Host institutions have established networks of reliable host families.

Host families are selected by recruiters and must meet criteria determined by the host institution, including the following:

  • demonstrated interest in hosting students
  • moral values guiding family life
  • quality home living environment
  • cleanliness
  • family recreational activities
  • good understanding of program requirements
  • distance from the location of the program
  • access to public transit

All families that host minor-age Explore participants are required to submit to the verification of the judicial records of family members aged 18 or over.

Matching participants and host families

If your lodging condition is a host family, you will need to fill out a questionnaire in which you list your preferences and any special problems (health, allergies, pets, food, smoking, etc.).

Efforts will be made to choose a family that suits you based on the information you provide, but there is no guarantee that the assigned family will be able to meet all of your preferences.


The Explore Program includes three meals a day for participants. Any other food you eat is at your own expense.

Meal plans vary among participating schools. Some may provide for meals in the host family household, while others could include an allowance to enable you to purchase your food and prepare all or some of your meals yourself. Still others may serve meals at on-site cafeterias.

In the case of on-site cafeterias, an assortment of menus will be offered that reflect the portions and food groups recommended in Canada’s Food Guide.

If you withdraw from the program prior to its conclusion, you will be required to repay an amount that is prorated to the remaining number of days in the session.