If you receive an Explore contribution, you will need to pay your host school a $275 registration fee as soon as you accept your spot. This non-refundable fee confirms your registration and covers part of the administration costs.

If you fail to pay the registration fee by the deadline set by the host institution, your place will be cancelled and awarded to another applicant on the waiting list.

Your host college or university may also require a security deposit, which is refundable in accordance with specific terms and conditions.


You are responsible for organizing round-trip travel between your home and host institution.

This includes all travel costs, including bus tickets or passes.


Please carefully read the information in the registration package provided by your host institution to learn where you will first need to go and read the essential information it provides about how to prepare for your stay.

No early arrivals will be processed by program agents, and no late arrivals will be accepted.

Your host educational institution is only responsible for its participants as of the date when the course begins.

Absentees on Day One of their courses will lose their spot.