Assistance Assessment

If financial assistance is awarded to you under the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies, you will receive it as a loan on a term-by-term basis. 

The amount that is awarded to you is based on a preliminary calculation that establishes your eligibility for a loan.

The following factors are considered in the calculation: 

  • your student category 
  • the number of your dependent children and whether or not you are a single parent
  • your income and the income of your parents, sponsor or spouse, if applicable 
  • your eligibility threshold

Eligibility threshold

Once we determine your student category, we establish your eligibility threshold. This figure is calculated as a function of the base amount for your category and other amounts that correspond to related factors, if any. If your income is less than your eligibility threshold, you will receive a loan. 

Base amount:

  • Student with no parental or sponsor’s contribution: $43 575
  • Student with a spousal contribution: $62 250
  • Student with a parental or sponsor’s contribution: $62 250

The eligibility income threshold ($43 575 or $62 250, depending on your situation) is increased on the basis of your family responsibilities. For each dependent child, add $3158. If you are a single parent, add a further $2365.