Applying for Financial Assistance

Before applying for financial assistance

  • Check the program’s eligibility requirements
    Make certain that you are eligible.
  • Use the assessment simulator
    This will provide a good idea of the amount of student financial assistance to which you could be entitled. This simulation will help you to better plan your studies and make a budget.

When applying for financial assistance

  • Fill out the application for financial assistance form using our Online Services
    This way, your application will be processed faster than if you mail it to us. Once you have submitted your online application we will tell you which documents we need to complete processing. Ensure that you have a Permanent Code and a Social Insurance Number.
  • Submit the required documents
    • If your parents, sponsor or spouse need to fill out a declaration, have them do it online. This way, your application will be processed faster than if the declarations are mailed to us.
    • If other documents are required, use our Online Services to submit them.
  • Meet deadlines
    Don’t forget to submit your application by the deadline and upload your documents within the prescribed time limits.
  • Receive the decision on your application for financial assistance
    The decision and assessment of awarded financial assistance will be available in your Online File. You will receive an email asking you to check your file using our Online Services.

Once you are awarded financial assistance

  • Bring the Guarantee Certificate to your financial institution
    You will be notified by email as soon as the certificate is available in your file, which you can access using our Online Services. You will need to print out the certificate and bring it to your participating financial institution in order to receive your payments.
  • Receive your payments
    Payments will be deposited directly into your account during the period of time for which assistance has been awarded to you.
  • Confirm your income
    Confirmation of income is compulsory in January. If you fail to confirm your income, your financial assistance payments will be suspended.
  • We will check your income
    We will contact you if there is a discrepancy between the income you confirmed and the income you reported to Revenu Québec.
  • We will convert part of your loan to a bursary, if you qualify
    Part of your loan will be converted to a bursary if you qualify. This does not involve any additional payment to you.
  • You will receive a tax slip if you qualified for a bursary
    You will need this tax slip for your income tax return if you qualified for a bursary. You will receive the slip for the year in which the loan-to-bursary conversion took place. No tax slip will be issued if you only received a loan.

Additional information for studies outside Québec

  • Ensure that both your educational institution and program of study are recognized
    If this is not the case, fill out the Application for the Recognition of a Program of Study or Educational Institution – Studies Outside Québec This hyperlink will open in a new window..
  • Sign a Consent to Release Personal Information form (optional)
    The consent form enables the person you designate to ask us for or send information on your behalf.
  • Fill out a Power of Attorney (optional)
    The Power of Attorney enables the designate to act on your behalf when dealing with us.
  • You need to deliver your Guarantee Certificate to your financial institution within Québec
    The Certificate will be sent to you at the address on file. Alternatively, when applying for financial assistance, you can stipulate that it should be sent to your designate for delivery to your financial institution on your behalf.
  • Confirm your student status
    Your educational institution must confirm that you are enrolled by filling out the Studying Outside Québec – Confirmation of Student Status This hyperlink will open in a new window. form. This form will also be required during the academic year to confirm your attendance information.

Processing your documents

Consult the processing dates for documents sent by regular mail or upload to Aide financière aux études.

For more information, please contact Aide financière aux études, Client Services.