The Loans and Bursaries Program is contributive in nature, meaning that you, as a student, must contribute to the cost of your education in accordance with your means. The same holds true for your parents, spouse or sponsor, if applicable.

Your contribution is determined on the basis of information submitted in your application for financial assistance. This information includes your employment and other income received between January 1 and December 31 of the award year, which is the year for which you submitted an application for financial assistance. 

Any change in your personal or financial situation could lead to a modification in the amounts of your contribution and your financial assistance, which is why it is so important to let us know when changes occur. You also need to confirm your financial resources once during the award year even though your income will be checked yearly with Revenu Québec.

If you fail to inform us of a change in your situation, you could be liable for immediate repayment of assistance overpayment and/or be disqualified from the Loans and Bursaries Program and the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies for at least two years.

Financial resources

We use your employment and other income to determine the amount of your contribution.

Employment income includes the following:

  • Gross income from full-time or part-time employment, including severance pay, tips and other gratuities, and practicum income
  • Net business or self-employment income (revenue less expenses)
  • Benefits received pursuant to the Employment Insurance Act

Other income includes:

  • Support income, to which an exemption of $4 200 applies for each of your dependent children
  • Bursary/scholarship income from an association, foundation, educational institution, to which an exemption of $7500 applies (Aide financière aux études bursaries do not need to be declared)
  • Investment income, which includes interest, dividends, capital gains, etc.

Calculation of your contribution

The calculation of the amount of your contribution is as follows:

  1. Substract your eligible exemptions from your employment income.
  2. Retain 50% of the resulting amount (40% if you were not a beneficiary of the program last year).
  3. Add to the resulting figure:
    • 100% of your income except for scholarships and support payments
    • 100% of support payments less $4200 for each dependent child
    • 100% of the amount exceeding $7500 of the total dollar value of scholarships that are considered
  4. Apply any eligible contribution reductions based on your situation.