A serious episodic and permanent mental or physical health disorder can temporarily prevent individuals from pursuing full-time studies.

If you are a full-time student and suffer from this problem, which obliges you to temporarily become a part-time student for more than one month, you could still qualify for the Loans and Bursaries Program. Your financial assistance will be paid in the form of loans and bursaries.

Eligibility requirements

You could qualify if:

  • You suffer from a serious episodic and permanent disorder that is confirmed by a medical certificate from a general practitioner or a medical specialist.
  • You are unable to pursue full-time studies for more than one month in a given award year because of this disorder.
  • You attend a minimum of 20 course hours a month.

If this is your case, even though the general terms and conditions of the Program still apply, you could benefit from special measures, based on your needs.

Special measures

If you suffer from a serious episodic and permanent mental or physical health disorder, you could:

  • qualify for the Loans and Bursaries Program even if you are a part-time student
  • receive financial assistance between two study periods covered by Aide financière aux études, even if you are not an active student during that time, on condition that you return to your studies in less than four months
  • have only half the number of your months of study used in the calculation of your eligibility periods when enrolled as a part-time student

Compulsory procedure

In order to benefit from these measures, you need to use Online Services to upload a medical certificate confirming a serious episodic disorder.

The medical certificate is valid for the current award year. You can apply again in future award years, but you will need to submit a new certificate that confirms your state of health each time.


The scope of these measures is limited to individuals experiencing a serious situation stemming from a major and permanent health problem. For example, a limb broken during sports or a difficult period of mourning cannot alone qualify an individual for these measures.