Confirmation of your income is mandatory. To avoid the suspension of your financial assistance payments, you must confirm your income in January, and confirm or adjust the amounts you declared in your application for financial assistance. You are required to fill out the Confirmation of Financial Resources for […] form even if your income has not changed.

You are obligated to inform us of any change to your situation during the year that could affect the amount of your financial assistance. Your income will be verified with Students outside Revenu Québec once a year, in May.

Having an up-to-date file can help you avoid inconvenience, such as:

  • Suspension of expected payments
  • Obligation to immediately repay assistance overpayments
  • Disqualification from the Loans and Bursaries Program or the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies for two years


We will notify you by email when you need to confirm your income. To fill out the form, go to Online Services, click on Full-Time forms and then on Confirmation of Financial Resources.