In order for payments to be made, your educational institution must confirm your student status. This is required before loan authorization can occur. If your school fails to confirm your status by the deadline, you will receive a message to this effect in the Online Services File Update section.

If you have a loan and a bursary, your school is required to confirm your student status each month. If you have a loan only, the confirmation is required once per term.

The confirmation of your student status also makes it possible to extend the repayment exemption period of your student loan debt if you continue your studies without making a new application for financial assistance.


If your student status has not been confirmed, you should contact your school’s student aid office. As only student aid office staff can perform this operation in your file, there is no point in contacting us about the matter.

Students studying outside Students outside Québec

  1. You will need to confirm your admission prior to the start of your studies by filling out and submitting the Studying Outside Québec – Confirmation of Student Status form This hyperlink will open in a new window..
  2. During the year, you will receive an electronic notice asking you to provide a new Studying Outside Students outside Québec – Confirmation of Student Status form. This form enables us to check information about the following:
    • Your school attendance during the preceding months
    • Your pursuit of studies in the coming months.