Starting on April 1, 2020, the repayment of all loans contracted with Aide financière aux études was postponed for a period of six months. This measure applies to debt repayments, deferred payments, and persons subject to collection proceedings.

You are are not required to make any payments during this period. The government will pay the interest. You do not have to take any action to benefit from this measure.

After the postponement ends, your loan will be automatically extended for six months. The payment agreements will be maintained.

Specific situations

Continuing repayments 

If you so wish, you can still make payments to repay your loan during this period. Contact your financial institution to find out the steps to follow. For persons subject to collection proceedings, contact the collection department.

Deferred Payment Plan

The postponement of repayments will not affect the 60 months of eligibility.

Lines of credit and other students loans

This postponement applies only to student loans contracted under a program offered by Aide financière aux études. If you have questions about lines of credit and other student loans offered by your financial institution, please contact the staff there directly.