Obtaining Information on Internships

You may be required to do an internship in order to obtain your diploma in a study program, or you may choose to do one simply because you want to gain first-hand work experience.

Objectives of internships

Regardless of whether an internship is remunerated or not, it will enable you to obtain work experience and references. Interning will also give you a chance to confirm that you have chosen the right career path and to develop your network of contacts.

Finding an internship

Your educational institution may offer services to help you find an internship in your program of study. If not, you will have to find an internship on your own by contacting companies likely to be interested in your profile or by consulting internship listings.

Finding an internship through Québec emploi

Québec emploi This hyperlink will open in a new window. is an ideal tool for finding paid internships and submitting your application to employers:

  • Consulting internship listings
  • Applying online for a student job or an internship
  • Creating your profile to see available internships that match your search criteria.