Are you looking for your first job in Québec in your trade or occupation? If you are an immigrant and haven't yet had a chance to work in your own field in Canada or the U.S, the Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME) can help open doors with potential employers.

Your new employer could receive a subsidy to cover certain additional expenses related to hiring you, such as the salary of a support person, training costs or the cost of specific integration measures.

Who is this program designed for?

To be eligible for this program, you must meet a number of conditions, including the following:

  • you must have had permanent residency status for less than 5 years or belong to a visible minority (born in Canada or abroad)
  • you have never worked in your trade or occupation in Canada or the United States

How does it work?

Go to your Services Québec office and meet with an assistance officer, who will assess your needs and make sure that this program is the best solution for you. You can do your job search on your own, or you can get help from a Services Québec office assistance officer.

Once you've found a job, the Services Québec office will make the necessary arrangements with your employer, if he or she is eligible for the program.

To help you settle into and keep your new job, your Services Québec office will support you for as long as you participate in the program.

IPOP, an employment integration project for foreign-trained persons referred by a professional order

The IPOP program was created for foreign-trained persons who wish to carry on a trade or occupation governed by a professional order in Québec. Its goal is to:

  • help beneficiaries find their first job in their own trade or occupation
  • provide financial assistance to employers who hire foreign-trained individuals

The immigrant or member of a visible minority group must be:

  • trained in another country, meaning that he or she received training and a diploma in an eligible trade or occupation outside Canada
  • referred by a professional order with a view to his or her participation in an IPOP project by means of a letter of attestation confirming that he or she is authorized or has legal authorization to carry on the trade or occupation in question