Job and career fairs are held throughout the year.

Fairs of this type can be a good opportunity to connect with companies that are recruiting workers and to learn about their available positions. They can also help you improve your job search tools (résumé, cover letter, etc.) and even to practise your interview skills.

Finding job and career fairs

Job and career fairs are generally advertised online, in newspapers, on public transit and in social networks. 

A quick way to find out where job and career fairs are being held is to look up “job fair”, “career fair” or “job and career fair” plus the name of a city or region using a search engine. 

You can access the search results for the 10 largest cities in Québec using the following links:

Job and labour market events (French only) This hyperlink will open in a new window.

You can also use social networks to follow job and career fairs and keep up to date on the activities they offer and when they will be held.