Financial Assistance for Finding a Job

Quickly find assistance when looking for a job

Information, for example on government programs, and online tools are available to help you find a job.

The interactive tool Questionnaire to Guide Your Job Search This hyperlink will open in a new window. is designed to help you quickly find the right information and the types of assistance available. It is accessible at all times. It assesses your situation and indicates the resources that will help you in your job search.

Are you looking for employment and need financial support? Various programs have been set up to help you out financially while you attend school, take training or look for work.

Aim for Employment Program

This program provides participants with financial assistance and personalized support in order to help them enter the labour market and become financially self-sufficient.


Persons who are eligible for the first time for the Social Assistance Program.

Learn more about the Aim for Employment Program.

Ma place au soleil

This program provides support to young parents who go back to school in order to help them assume their family responsibilities.


Young parents receiving last-resort financial assistance.

Learn more about Ma place au soleil.

Manpower Training measure

This program grants an allowance and reimburses training-related expenses.


Eligible persons who are at risk of long-term unemployment. 

Learn more about Manpower Training.

Support for Self-Employment

This program grants financial assistance for the purpose of preparing a business plan.


Eligible persons who want to start their own business or create their own job.

Learn more about Support for Self-Employment.

Wage Subsidy

This program provides financial assistance to encourage employers to offer you lasting employment or help you gain valuable work experience. It also offers personal coaching to help you settle into your new workplace.


Persons who are unemployed or are having trouble entering the job market.

Learn more about the Wage Subsidy measure.

Wage Subsidy for Older Workers 

This program provides assistance for entering the job market by offering jobs that provide lasting employment.


Persons aged 55 or over and persons aged 50 or over who are last-resort financial assistance recipients (social assistance or social solidarity)

Learn more about the Wage Subsidy for Older Workers.