You’ve Lost Your Job

If you lose your job because you resign or are dismissed, there are various government resources and programs that can help you find another job.

Finding another job following a loss of employment

Various resources can help you find a new job quickly. Of course, you must update your résumé and cover letter by adding your most recent work experience. You can also ask for help with preparing and submitting job applications.

As part of your search for a new job, consult available job offers and attend employment-related events, such as job and career fairs.

Help from organizations that provide employability services

Employability services organizations (French only) This hyperlink will open in a new window. are found throughout Québec. Their role is to assist, advise and support people who are looking for work. These organizations can help you with several aspects of your job search.

Employment assistance programs

Several programs are available to assist people in their efforts to find work. They are designed for job seekers with a range of profiles. You are sure to find an employment assistance program that meets your needs.

Taking training or going back to school after losing your job

Losing a job can provide an excellent opportunity to take training or return to school in order to find work in a trade or occupation with good job prospects. A number of programs This hyperlink will open in a new window. are available for people who want to go back to school.

Employment insurance benefits

If you’re not responsible for losing your job, you may qualify for employment insurance benefits This hyperlink will open in a new window. from the federal government.

Obtaining help at a local employment centre (CLE) or Services Québec office

Various programs and types of assistance are available to help you following a loss of employment. Visit a local employment centre (CLE) or Services Québec office to find out which programs and types of assistance could help you find a job.