Job search assessment

Looking for work is not always easy and you may feel discouraged at times. Try to keep your spirits up. Talk to your friends; they can be supportive. Take part in sports to help burn off stress. Stick with it and don’t lose hope. Keep reminding yourself that somewhere out there, there’s a job for you. 

If you’ve been looking for work for a while but still haven’t found a job, now’s the time to assess your job search efforts:

  • Ask yourself if you have the skills required for the job you want.
  • Find out more about the labour market. You may discover that demand for your trade or occupation is higher in regions other than the one you’ve focused on.
  • Revise your résumé. Your education, work experience and skills should highlight what you have to offer, and you should describe them clearly.
  • Go over your portfolio again or think about putting one together if you don't have one. Your portfolio should include documents that show you have the skills for the job.
  • Tailor your cover letter to each job application.
  • Reconsider your job leads. Improve your chances by combining a number of job search methods.
  • Double-check your list of employers. There may be more companies with job openings in your field than you think.
  • Contact your local employment centre (CLE) to find out where you can access:
    • Documents on how to prepare for an interview
    • Training sessions on job search techniques and tools, including Online Placement
    • People who can help you. There are organizations that specialize in supporting people who are struggling to find a job, or assisting a specific clientele such as women, young people, people 45 or older, the disabled, immigrants, and persons who have had trouble with the law or have a criminal record.
  • Talk to people you know about your job search. The more people who know you’re looking for a job, the more likely you are to obtain job leads.
  • Ask yourself if you are spending enough time looking for a job. Job searching is a full-time occupation (unless you are already employed).