Following up on an Interview

It’s important to follow up on your interview regardless of whether or not you get the job.

If the employer specified when he or she would call, make sure you are available at any time that day to take the call. If you haven’t heard from the employer by the end of the day, call him or her to follow up.

If the employer didn’t specify the day, wait 2 weeks and then call the employer to find out when you can expect a response. You can also send a thank-you letter or email. Doing so may help you stand out from the other applicants.

If the employer calls to offer you the job, be enthusiastic, thank him or her and mention how much you look forward to joining the team.

If you get the job, ask for details on working conditions:

  • When do I start?
  • Where and when should I report on the first day?
  • Whom should I ask for?
  • Do I need to bring any special work materials or clothing?
  • What will my duties and work schedule be?
  • What will my salary be?

If you don’t get the job, try to find out why. You may wish to reassess and improve your approach.