Types of Interviews

An interview is your opportunity to stand out and showcase your skills and strong points. You should prepare carefully to make sure your profile grabs the employer’s attention.

The different types of interviews used by recruiters

The interview process can vary widely, depending on the position being filled and the size of the company, among other factors. Recruiters can also use different types of interviews. 

Single interview

In some cases, a single meeting is all it takes for the employer to make a decision.

Consecutive interviews

Applicants may be asked to attend a series of increasingly intensive or difficult interviews. Those who successfully complete a first round of interviews are then called in for the next, and so on until the final choice is made. Sometimes the initial interviews are conducted by a private placement agency, and applicants meet the potential employer only later on in the process.

Selection committee interview

Selection committee interviews are conducted by several people at the same time, some of whom take notes on applicants' answers and non-verbal behaviours while others take turns asking questions. All committee members have a say concerning the person to be hired.

Telephone interview

This is an economical way for employers to make initial contact with an applicant and obtain specific information. If this first step is a success, they may then call the applicant in for an in-person interview.

Simulation interview

To assess the applicant's skills, he or she is asked to solve hypothetical problems related to the job being filled. This also allows the interviewer to assess how the applicant reacts to pressure and stress.

Group interview

The group interview is generally used for supervisory or management positions. Several applicants are called to the same interview and presented with a problem or situation for which they have to find a solution. With this type of interview, interviewers can assess applicants' leadership and teamwork aptitudes.