Submitting an Application by Completing a Job Application Form

Instead of asking for your résumé, some employers will invite you to complete a job application form or an offer of service in paper or electronic format. The form is a questionnaire prepared by the employer to evaluate your application. You must answer all of the questions. Avoid putting "see attached résumé" even if your résumé is in fact attached.

In order to complete the job application form properly:

  • Have your résumé on hand so you can complete the form more quickly and easily.
  • Have a pen with you since most employers want the form to be completed by hand. Be sure to write as neatly as possible.
  • Read the entire form over first, then carefully follow the instructions.
  • Answer all the questions. If a question does not apply to your case, write "not applicable."
  • Respect the space allotted for each answer since employers ignore answers that are too long.
  • Use positive turns of phrase.