Submitting an Application by Email

Some employers require applicants to send in their résumés by email.

When searching for a job, use a neutral, professional email address. For instance, you might want to use your name (

A number of sites allow you to create an address free of charge, including Gmail This hyperlink will open in a new window., Hotmail This hyperlink will open in a new window. and Yahoo! This hyperlink will open in a new window.

Tips for submitting your application by email

  • Contents of your message
    • If you do not wish to include a cover letter, the body of your message should contain roughly the same information that you would have put in a cover letter.
    • If you prefer to send a complete file, write a very concise message describing the contents of your email. You may also simply invite the addressee to read the enclosed documents.
  • Don't forget to enter the job title in your email subject line.
  • Select the file format you use carefully. Employers may not have the same software as you do, and any differences could affect your résumé's layout or even make some characters illegible. To make sure your résumé isn't altered in any way, you can convert it into PDF format. This is common practice.
  • Check your email regularly for answers, and respond as soon as possible.
  • Remember to check your spam folder because your email system could be rejecting employers' messages by accident.