Language examination

To obtain a Québec teaching licence, some applicants, including those who received their teacher training outside of Canada, must pass one of the following written language examinations:

  • French language examination: Test de certification en français écrit pour l’enseignement (TECFÉE)
  • English language examination: English Exam for Teacher Certification (EETC)

Passing one of these language examinations will enable you to obtain a five-year provisional teaching licence in vocational training (valid for five years), a probationary teaching permit or a teaching diploma. Some applicants may be required to take an oral examination. A language examination may be required by the program at the Québec university in which the applicant is enrolled, or by the Ministère if the candidate applies for a teaching licence.

Notice of conditional eligibility

A notice of conditional eligibility is issued to persons who have received teacher training outside Canada and is valid for a period of two years. You must hold a notice of conditional eligibility to take either one of the language examinations. If your application for a teaching licence is accepted, you will receive a notice of conditional eligibility by regular mail, along with a document providing information about the compulsory language examination. You can only receive your teaching licence after you have met the requirements stated on the notice of conditional eligibility and your declaration of a judicial record has been verified.  

Application for a new notice of eligibility

If you did not pass the language examination or did not write it within the period during which the notice was valid, you can make an application for a new notice of conditional eligibility.

To apply for a new notice, please complete the form entitled Request for a new notice of conditional eligibility (PDF 88 Kb).

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Last update: February 23, 2023


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