Working in Another Province Under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA)

If you want to work in the location of your choice in Canada, you’ll be interested to know that the Canadian provinces have agreed to relax the rules regarding recognition of qualifications obtained in another province.

Canadian Free Trade Agreement

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) facilitates the mobility of workers who practise compulsory-qualification trades.


The Canadian Free Trade Agreement is designed for workers who:

  • Have obtained their qualification or an official certificate in their province of origin
  • Want to practise a regulated trade in another province

How the Agreement operates

To have your qualifications recognized, you have to contact the regulatory body for your trade in the province or territory where you would like to work. In Québec, Emploi-Québec is the body responsible for recognizing qualifications in a number of trades.

Visit the links indicated below for information about the regulatory body you must contact to have your qualifications recognized in the province or territory in question: