Workforce Skills Recognition

Workers who have acquired experience in a trade and feel that they have mastered the necessary skills can obtain official recognition for their skills under the Workforce Skills Recognition Program.

Clientele of the Workforce Skills Recognition Program

The Workforce Skills Recognition Program is designed for experienced workers who are proficient in a trade governed by a vocational standard and want to obtain certification for their vocational skills.

Only voluntary-qualification trades are covered by the program.

How the Workforce Skills Recognition Program works

The skills evaluation guidelines under the program are set by sectoral workforce committees. To evaluate your skills, the committee for your sector generally uses:

  • An interview
  • A verification of your theoretical knowledge
  • An analysis of the documents submitted with your application
  • A practical evaluation of processes and products (evaluation carried out in the workplace, by means of a simulation, or in a specific production framework, etc.)

You will be issued a certificate of qualification or an attestation of competency confirming that you master the skills for your trade.

How to apply for the Workforce Skills Recognition Program