Are you looking to enter the job market or have you lost your job and need to find a new one? The Renewed Prosperity Through Greater Training Program (PARAF) could be the answer. You’ll receive training and financial assistance or an increase to your current financial assistance.

For example, perhaps you worked as a mechanic and lost your job. With this program, you can train to work in the health care field and receive financial assistance for the entire time.

This program officially came into effect on November 30, 2020.


To take part in PARAF, you have to meet certain conditions.

You must be unemployed and:

  • receiving employment insurance or recovery benefits (CRB or other), or
  • receiving last-resort financial assistance from the Gouvernment du Québec
  • taking part in skills development activities under the Aim for Employment Program of the Gouvernment du Québec, or
  • not receiving any income from government support programs

You must also, by April 30, 2021:

  • have agreed on a training program that leads to a trade or occupation with good job prospects with an employment assistance officer at a Services Québec office, and
  • the training must begin by September 25, 2021.

Your employment assistance officer can point you to training programs that lead to a trade or occupation with good job prospects in your area.

Ineligible activities

French or literacy training, or general secondary school classes, are not eligible under this program. However, those taking such classes may qualify for income support through other ongoing programs. Inquire with your employment assistance officer.

Financial assistance

PARAF provides a weekly $500 employment assistance benefit, or increases the benefit to $500 per week for recipients who are already receiving financial assistance from the Gouvernement du Québec. The employment assistance benefit is paid for the entire duration of the training.


To see if you qualify for PARAF, you must meet with an employment assistance officer at a Services Québec office or at a local employment centre (CLE). The officer will evaluate your situation and needs and confirm whether you are eligible. They will walk you through the application process or direct you to another resource more suited to your needs, as the case may be.

To make an appointment for an evaluation interview with an officer and see whether you are eligible for this program, please complete an online service request.

Online service request

If you already have an active file with a Services Québec office or a CLE, you can submit an online request OR contact your employment assistance officer directly.

Interested in the program?

Contact your nearest bureau de Services Québec office or CLE This hyperlink will open in a new window.. An employment assistance officer will assess your situation and needs. Together, you will determine whether PARAF is the right solution for you.