If you’re between 18 and 29 years of age and need help when it comes to thinking about your plans for the future in concrete terms or for setting yourself a professional objective, you should take advantage of Service spécialisé jeune.

Using this service will help you to maximize your chances of success, discover your full potential and implement your professional project.

Why take advantage of this service?

  • To develop your professional and social autonomy
  • To find coping strategies during a period in which you are not attending school or working.
  • To learn how to make a fresh start and move forward

Services offered

Needs assessment

You will be able to obtain an overall picture of your needs and explore possible actions.

Information on the labour market and the school system

You will have access to several tools that will help you discover your areas of interest and show you how to benefit from available resources.

Activities to help you make informed choices and get training

You will gain a better understanding of job prospects, as well as prospects for returning to school.

Support during your training and until you enter the labour market

You will obtain constant support and guidance for continuing on your training path or entering the labour market.


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