Would you like to start your own business or become a self-employed worker? If you're eligible for the Support for Self-Employment measure, you could receive financial assistance to develop a business plan and start your own business or create your own job.

To be eligible, your project must:

  • be viable
  • meet a local need
  • not create unfair competition for similar businesses in the same region

Who is this program designed for?

You may be eligible for this program if one of the following applies to you:

  • you are receiving employment insurance benefits
  • you are receiving social assistance
  • you are unemployed and not receiving government income support
  • you are working but you have precarious employment

The Support for Self-Employment measure is designed to help you find work and join the labour market.


Frequently asked questions about this program

What kind of time commitment is required?

You must spend at least 35 hours a week on your project.

How long does the assistance last?

A maximum of 52 weeks.

Increased financial assistance

Since June 6, 2022, the government has a new income support policy. The amounts paid to those participating in an employment measure have been increased to adjust to the economic reality.

The changes made to the income support policy are also for the increase in the amount of reimbursement of child care expenses and extra expenses.