Professions Governed by a Professional Order

Certain professions are governed by a professional order: for example, engineer, medical imagery technologist and certified translator. Whether you’re choosing a career or changing your career path, it’s important to know the conditions of admission to these professions.

Role of professional orders

Professional orders are responsible, in particular, for:

  • Ensuring the protection of the public
  • Regulating and overseeing the practise of professions
  • Fostering the development of professions

List of professions governed by a professional order in Québec

Forty-six professional orders have been constituted in Québec under the Professional Code. Consult the website of each order to find out, for example, the:

  • Conditions of admission to the profession
  • Procedure for admission to the order
  • Procedure for obtaining a permit to practise the profession
  • Fees paid for entry on the roll of the order

The following professions are governed by a professional order in Québec: