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Seasonal Work

Seasonal workers and job seekers

In Québec, thousands of seasonal jobs are available in various sectors of activity and offer good or even excellent job prospects. 

Seasonal work could meet your expectations if you want to

  • start a challenging and exciting career
  • acquire new skills
  • enter or reintegrate the labour market
  • have enthusiastic colleagues
  • have a job where you have to be active and work in the great outdoors

Despite the popular belief, seasonal work can allow you to work throughout the year. Various opportunities are available to you, such as having more than one seasonal job. You could also take advantage of the slow period between two seasons to develop your skills.

Do not hesitate to get information about the seasonal jobs available in Québec and to start the process for the current season or for the next.

Seasonal Employers

Information for seasonal employers This hyperlink will open in a new window. is available in French only.

Last update: February 21, 2023


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