COVID‑19 pandemic: resources are still available

Despite the coronavirus disease (COVID‑19) pandemic, help and resources are still available at all times for sexual assault victims and assailants. Appropriate support that complies with public health recommendations is offered by professionals who are specially trained to provide immediate assistance or information. Do not hesitate to contact them.

Sexual-assault victims and sexual assailants can always get help. Help is available for women and men of all ages (children, adolescents and adults). There are many professionals who are specially trained to offer support to:

  • Sexual-assault victims
  • Sexual assailants
  • The loved ones of sexual-assault victims
  • The loved ones of sexual assailants


Government guidelines dating from 2001 give this definition of “sexual assault”:

“A sexual assault is an act of a sexual nature, whether or not it involves physical contact, carried out by an individual without the consent of the person to whom it is addressed or, in some cases, notably those involving children, by manipulation of feelings or blackmail.

It’s an act that aims to impose the assailant’s own desires on another person through the abuse of power, through the use of force or constraint, or through implied or explicit threats. Sexual assault interferes with fundamental rights, notably the right to bodily security and inviolability, and to physical and psychological security.”

This definition applies regardless of the age, sex, culture, religion or sexual orientation of the victim or of the sexual assailants, regardless of the type of sexual act committed or the place or life setting in which it is committed and regardless of the relationship between the victim and the sexual assailant.

Consult Sexual Assault: What Is It? This hyperlink will open in a new window. on the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ)’s website to:

  • Better understand what sexual assault is
  • Familiarize yourself with forms of sexual assault
  • Know what sexual offences are included in the Criminal Code