You can support people at risk of becoming homeless.

If you know someone at risk, there are several measures you can take.

Measures to Take

  • Show empathy to the person in difficulty; show him or her that you are able to put yourself in his or her shoes and understand what he or she is going through. Avoid preaching or telling the person what you would do in his or her place.
  • Make sure the person has someone to confide in. If possible, offer to listen to him or her.
  • If possible, offer the person your support. Your support is particularly important if the person is in a period of transition. Here are a few examples of transitional periods:
    • Has recently been released from a health and social services institution or prison
    • Has lost a job
    • Has gone bankrupt
    • Has separated, especially if it is a woman who has just escaped domestic violence 
  • Encourage the person to visit an organizations. Organizations can inform people in difficulty and support them in their efforts, such as by helping them escape poverty. They can, for example:
    • Inform people in difficulty about available financial aid
    • Offer training that teaches them how to be financially independent
    • Help them access the job market 

See the section on Help and Resources for the Homeless to learn about available resources.