This transitional measure allows the parents of a child with a disability who is exempted from attending kindergarten on recommendation of a professional recognized by the Québec government to be eligible for the payment of the basic contribution for a period of 12 months as of September 1 of the reference year.

This measure is supplemental to the support measures for children with disabilities This hyperlink will open in a new window., which must be claimed separately.

Presentation and purpose

This measure is intended for subsidized educational childcare providers.

The purpose of this measure is to enable children with disabilities to remain in childcare for an additional year before starting school.


A child is eligible for this measure if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The child is deemed to have a disability.
  • The child attends a subsidized childcare centre following the regular schedule.
  • The child does not attend kindergarten.
  • The child is 5 years old as of September 30 of the reference year.

Reimbursable expenses

Financial assistance may be obtained for expenses associated with the child’s attendance at the subsidized childcare centre. This includes the remuneration of educators, educational materials, training, food, meal preparation as well as cleaning and maintenance.

The expanses financed for children who are eligible for this measure are the same as those for younger children with disabilities who have a place in a subsidized childcare service.

Claim process

In order to claim this allowance, a childcare provider must submit the following documents:

  • A certificate attesting the child’s disability issued by Retraite Québec or by a professional recognized by the Québec government, with recommendations signed by at least one recognized professional regarding the special measures to apply for the child’s integration (Sections D and E of the Professional’s Report (PDF 189 Kb) form may be used for this purpose)
  • An integration plan (PDF 749 Kb) developed by the childcare provider in collaboration with the parents or guardian as well as with other stakeholders, if necessary
  • Written confirmation by a professional recognized by the government regarding the relevance of keeping the child in childcare for an additional year before the child starts school

The subsidized childcare provider must record the days on which the child attends the childcare centre in a table provided for that purpose in the annual financial report.

Support and resources

If you require support in the application process, please contact the Centre des services à la clientèle et des plaintes of the Ministère de la Famille by phone, at 18553368568.