The Québec Trade Office in Silicon Valley was opened to provide support to small and medium-sized Québec companies, notably technology companies, wishing to expand their business in the Silicon Valley region and Northern California.

Covered territories

Silicon Valley and North California.


Public Affairs

  • To ensure relations with political institutions and regional organizations.
  • To provide linkage between Québec and American officials during trade and political missions
  • To provide information on Québec to the general public, businesses, government and the media.
  • To provide liaison with local, regional and specialized media.
  • To monitor regional issues of interest to Québec.
  • To promote Québec culture and the Francophonie to the American public.
  • To promote Québec studies in U.S. universities and develop relations between these institutions and potential Québec partners.
  • To organize and promote appearances and exhibitions by Québec artists on the territory.

Economic Affairs

  • To provide information and assistance to Québec businesses seeking buyers, distributors and potential partners;
  • To foster partnerships and strategic alliances between Québec and American businesses;
  • To provide strategic information on the West America market to Québec companies;
  • To monitor regional economic and market trends;
  • To attend the major trade shows and economic events on the territory;
  • To provide guidance and information on Québec's business environment (taxation, regulations, etc.) and on government assistance for investment to businesses and investors from the Western United States;
  • To organize seminars and conferences on trade between Québec and the U.S.

Investissement Québec

  • Helps companies planning to expand operations in key sectors of the modern economy locate in Québec by providing information, support, financing and access to customized tax measures.
  • Provides a wide range of services to international corporations with Québec-based subsidiaries.


The Québec Immigration Office in Los Angeles is responsible for prospecting potential students, workers and business people residing in the United-States and to promote Québec as an immigration alternative with respect to the Québec regional needs. It also supports the recruitment efforts of Québec companies in the United States.