The Québec Government Office in Washington (BQW) is responsible for Québec’s bilateral relationship with the United States Federal Government. Its mandate is to monitor legislation, government programs, and political positions taken in Washington that could have an impact on Québec’s interests.

The office seeks to promote Québec’s sectors of expertise and defend its interests by developing relationships with members of Congress and their staff, the Administration, executive departments and federal agencies, industry associations, and private sector leaders.

The BQW often works with other stakeholders such as think tanks, universities, media, and NGOs. Furthermore, the BQW collaborates with international organizations based in Washington and with foreign embassies, notably those co-accredited to Canada or members of La Francophonie.

Covered territory

Washington, D.C.


Our services are as follows:

Government Affairs

  • Cultivates relationships with members of Congress, the Administration, and federal agencies in order to defend and promote Québec’s interests in the U.S.
  • Monitors federal legislative and regulatory actions.
  • Informs U.S. lawmakers and officials about Québec policies and regulatory practices to bolster economic growth in North America.
  • Coordinates messaging and engagement strategies across Québec’s network of offices in the United States, as well as with Canadian federal and provincial government representatives in Washington.

Public and Multilateral Affairs

  • Develops and coordinates initiatives in public and cultural diplomacy.
  • Builds relationships with diverse stakeholders including think tanks, interest groups, researchers, and NGOs.
  • Administers funding mechanisms including the Local Initiatives Fund and the Québec - United States University Grant Program.
  • Maintains partnerships with Washington-based international organizations and members of the diplomatic corps.

Commercial Affairs

  • Develops and coordinates economic diplomacy initiatives.
  • Represents the Government of Québec at economic and commercial activities.
  • Engages with the business community and trade associations to reinforce economic relations between Québec and the United States.
  • Promotes and defends the interests of Québec companies and industries.

Robert Maurice, Commercial Affairs Attaché