Inaugurated in 1972, the Québec Government Office in Brussels seeks to promote Québec and its interests in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, as well as within the European institutions.

Covered territories

Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.


Our services are as follows:

Delegate General's Office

Viviane Pantos, Executive Assistant to the Delegate General

Bilateral Affairs

  • To develop, coordinate and maintain relations with various political and administrative authorities from the Benelux countries;
  • To prepare missions to the Benelux countries for Quebec political figures and help organize visits for political figures from the Benelux countries in Québec;
  • To help Quebec institutions and/or agencies prepare missions to promote Quebec’s interests;
  • To develop cooperative relationships between Quebec and Benelux institutions, notably in terms of higher education and training, research, science and technology;
  • To ensure the implementation of all cooperative agreements already concluded between Quebec and the regions or communities of Belgium, Belgium, Luxembourg and of any other agreement which can occur with one or the other of the three Benelux countries;
  • To monitor the sociopolitical situation of countries in the Benelux region in order to inform Québec authorities of social and political developments in these territories.

Guillaume Sarra-Bournet, Bilateral and Public Affairs Director

Stéphanie Franssen, Bilateral Affairs and Cooperation Attaché

Lotte Vanharen, Bilateral and Public Affairs Assistant

Public Affairs

  • To present Québec society as fairly and comprehensively as possible within the Benelux region and with European institutions;
  • To develop effective communications tools (newsletters, press reviews), distribute information at public events, provide assistance to researchers, make available a wide range of sources of information on Québec;
  • To identify suitable opportunities and events in the institutional, university, and scientific communities to promote Québec and undertakes the steps required to take advantage of them; cooperates with centers for Québec and Canadian studies;
  • To handle press relations with media representatives and press agencies; assist journalists;
  • To encourage the presence of Québec figures in the media and their participation in the public sphere; looks after communications and public affairs during visits by Québec figures.

Guillaume Sarra-Bournet, Bilateral and Public Affairs Director

Catherine Mussely, Public Affairs and Communications Attaché

Lotte Vanharen, Bilateral and Public Affairs Assistant

European and multilateral Affairs

  • to monitor work done by European institutions in areas relevant to Québec’s competencies and interests;
  • to develop, maintain, and coordinate relations with the various institutions of the European Union and other European authorities, including the Council of Europe, as well as with certain regional associations including the Assembly of European Regions and the Conference of European Regions with Legislative Power (REGLEG);
  • to organize missions to European institutions carried out by Québec political figures and representatives of Québec institutions and organizations, host and advise delegations, provide support in organizing any visits to Québec by representatives of European institutions;
  • to watch and analyze the development of European institutions and European multi-region institutions.

Caroline Filion-Trépanier, European and Multilateral Affairs Director

Stéphanie Roy, European and Multilateral Affairs Attaché

André Patrocinio, Research and Innovation Attaché

Sarah Messager, European and Multilateral Affairs Technician

Cultural Affairs

  • Promote and encourage market development of Quebec culture in the Benelux territory.
  • Sensitize the professional community to Quebec creations and promote Quebec cultural events.
  • Provide support to companies and Quebec artists in planning various promotional activities and support their prospecting efforts with specialized networks, in different sectors.

Jean Frédéric, Cultural Attaché

Lorraine Lefevre, Cultural Affairs Technician

Economic Affairs

  • To promote dialogue between Québec and Benelux companies in view of increasing the number of business, industrial, and technology partnerships;
  • To provide information and support services to Québec companies seeking to do business in the Benelux region, and respond to local requests about Québec products and technologies, as well as partnership opportunities with Québec companies;
  • In cooperation with the main Québec investment promotion agencies, to liaise with head offices of Benelux companies established in Québec;
  • To publicize, promote, and oversee the implementation of Québec’s economic strategies;
  • To monitor changes in European Union economic policies and determine their impact on Québec;
  • To track and report on changes in trade policies, practices, and techniques in the target territory to Québec organizations, companies, and government.

Stéphanie Robin, Economic Affairs Attaché


  • Life sciences (telehealth, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals)
  • Energy and environment (clean technologies, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy production, bio-industry, blue economy)
  • Bio-food (food, ingredients)
  • Construction (building technology, wood, infrastructure and real estate projects)
  • Agrotechnology and horticulture (agrotechnology, agriculture, horticulture)

Camille Jeuniaux, Economic Affairs Attaché


  • Transport (electric and intelligent transport, ports, logistics, sustainable mobility, rail industries)
  • Creative industries (multimedia, video games, virtual reality, digital art, tourism)
  • Aeronautics (security, defence, aerospace, aircraft parts, military equipment)

Alice Mihaly, Economic Affairs Attaché


  • Defence and security (electric and intelligent transport, ports, logistics, sustainable mobility, rail industries)
  • ICT (telecoms, financial technology, cybersecurity, manufacturing industry 4.0, educational technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, software)
  • Consumer goods and fashion (non-food retail, fashion and design, home furnishings, cosmetics, child care, sports equipment) 
  • Natural resources and mines (aluminum, raw materials)

Christiane Bosmans, Economic Affairs Technician

Clara Stulin, Economic Affairs Assistant


Roland Vandermeulen, Office Manager

Sarah Hanon, Administrative Technician

Marie-Jacques Laenen, Administrative Technician


  • To provide information on immigration procedures, the job market, and life in Québec to people wishing to settle in Québec.
  • To support recruitment activities that meet the targeted temporary labour needs of Québec employers.
  • To work with Québec learning institutions to attract foreign students.
  • To support successful applicants in their immigration process.
  • To develop and strengthen partnerships throughout the territory and take part in international mobility activities.
  • To promote Québec’s business ecosystem.

Benoit Bisson, Prospection and Attraction Advisor – Immigration