The Québec Government Office in Chicago represents the Québec government in 12 states across the Midwest. This mandate involves working on a wide range of commercial, economic, political, environmental, and cultural matters of interest to Québec and this region of the United States.

Covered territories

South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.


Our services are as follows:

Public Affairs

  • Establish and maintain relations with all branches of government in the Midwestern States, as well as with the major cities of the region.
  • Coordinate Québec’s contribution to the sustainable management of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Basin, through regional organizations like the Great Lakes Commission, the Council of Great Lakes Governors, and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative.
  • Promote Québec culture and artists throughout the Midwest.
  • Promote Québec’s educational initiatives to universities and research centers in the Midwest.
  • Promote Québec studies and French immersion programs offered in Québec.
  • Coordinate Québec’s Francophonie initiatives throughout the region.

Economic Affairs

  • Develop and increase trade relations between Québec and Midwestern companies.
  • Provide strategic information and advice to Québec companies on various economic sectors in the Midwest.
  • Assist Québec companies in developing a business network in the Midwest.
  • Identify potential buyers for Québec products in the Midwest.
  • Facilitate participation by Quebec companies in targeted conferences and trade shows.
  • Promote Québec as a business location for potential investors.

Investissement Québec

  • Act as a financing institution and an economic development agency.
  • Offer financial products and tax measures to companies that want to expand their business in Québec.
  • Help these companies find a location that suits their needs and forge strategic alliances with Québec partners.