The Québec Government Office in Houston promotes Québec’s interests in the areas of business, investment, government institutions, education, culture, the advancement of the French language and the Francophonie.

The Office carries out its mandate in the South Central United States, which includes four states: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. 

Covered territories

Texas, Louisiane, Arkansas and Oklahoma.


Our services are as follows:

Economic Affairs

  • Prepare market studies and provide strategic information on the Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma markets to Québec companies
  • Provide information and coaching on Québec’s business community and government assistance for investments to companies and investors in the territory covered (regulations, taxation, etc.)
  • Foster partnerships and strategic alliances between Québec and American companies
  • Provide information and support to Québec companies looking for buyers, distributors and potential partners
  • Organize conferences and symposiums on trade between Québec and the American market
  • Monitor market trends and the regional economy
  • Participate in trade shows and economic events in the territory covered