The ministère du Conseil exécutif:

  • advises and assists the Premier and the Conseil des ministres in their role of directing the state;
  • facilitates the development of a government vision and consistent action;
  • fosters harmonious relations with aboriginal communities;
  • oversees respect of Québec’s constitutional jurisdictions and the integrity of its institutions, as well as the defence and promotion of its interests in its relations with the federal government and the governments of the other provinces and territories of Canada;
  • coordinates relations with the francophone and Acadian communities of Canada;
  • assists the Premier in carrying out her responsibilities regarding young people;
  • assists the Minister for the Reform of Democratic Institutions in his duties relating to the implementation of the proposed comprehensive reform of democratic institutions;
  • sees to the conservation of the decisions and minutes of the Conseil des ministres, orders-in-council and oaths of ministers and their declarations of interests.


The role of the Conseil exécutif, also known as the Conseil des ministres, is to define the orientations of the government’s activity and direct the administration of the state. With the lieutenant governor, it forms the government of Québec. As the government’s chief decision-making body, the Conseil des ministres is responsible for the administration of government and the application of laws. It carries out those activities that are essential to the management of the state, in particular:

  • adopting orders-in-council and regulations as well as approval of bills that the Conseil executive plans to submit to the National Assembly;
  • defining a financial framework (short and medium-term revenue and expenditure forecasts);
  • defining policies and programs;
  • carrying out strategic planning of government priorities;
  • coordinating the action of ministries and organizations;
  • supervising the growth and development of government organization;
  • appointing senior officials and heads of public corporations and organizations.